Go East! There are Skaven there

May 18, 2012 by dracs

Micro Art Studio have posted some really cool pictures on their Facebook page of an awesome Eastern themed Skaven army.

Check out some of these images.

Micro Art Studio - Eastern Skaven Army

Micro Art Studio - Skaven Palanquin

Micro Art Studio - Skavern Screaming Gong

Micro Art Studio - Grey Seer

Micro Art Studio - Eastern Rat Ogre

Micro Art Studio - Eastern Skaven

These images were shared from the Hortwerth Facebook page and I just wanted to share them with you guys because they look so awesome!

They are perfect for a clan Eshin themed list, similar to the one which could be found in the old Storm of Chaos campaign book.

What is your opinion of these oriental rodents?

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