The Empire Will Burn As Chaos Descends From The North!

January 29, 2013 by brennon

The last weekend of the month brings with it White Dwarf from Games Workshop and also plenty of new releases. Warriors of Chaos are getting their new edition update for Warhammer Fantasy which involves a new rulebook and plenty of fancy models...

Warhammer - Warriors of Chaos

Of course a new edition means a new book and Warriors of Chaos have their fancy, full colour tome to enjoy. The cover artwork is looking amazing and if it's anything like its Sci-Fi brother it will be a fantastic read too. Here's hoping plenty of fluff has been combined with great rules to make an army worth playing on the tabletop.

Chaos Lord

Vilitch the Curseling


A great place to start would probably be with the leaders of these Northmen. First up is the new look multi-part plastic Chaos Lord with the new and seemingly mandatory scenic base. I like the commanding pose and he doesn't look overly fancy.

A calm commanding air hangs about the sculpt and reminds me of the Chaos Lord from the cinematic for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

Next up we have Vilitch the Curseling, a Champion of Tzeentch as can be seem from the detail on his armour. His fluff sounds pretty fascinating with him being a meld of both mind and soul with his sibling.

Last but certainly not least is the mighty Throgg, the Troll King. I saw this miniature a while ago when the White Dwarf images leaked onto the internet and I was stunned both then and now. It really is a great looking miniature and immediately makes me want to start playing this army!

Chaos Chariot


Dragon Ogres

Next up we have the new Chaos Warrior Chariot, the Forsaken and (finally!) new Dragon Ogres which look pretty huge. To start it's always nice to have another plastic kit for a Chariot. The amount of times my metal ones have fallen apart and been hell to stick back together is beyond count.

Each of these three kits are once again multi-part plastic and it will be fun to see the amount of customisation you can add through the use of Bitz Boxes and such. I would love to see a unit of Dragon Ogres each with allegiances to the different Gods.

It's nice to see the Forsaken are in line with the standard Chaos Warriors too. It means that despite the hideous mutations and flailing limbs you will have something that ties all of the units together.


Mutalith Vortex Beast

You also can't have a new released without something massive and that's exactly what this duo-kit is. Above you can see the miniatures for both the Slaughterbrute and Mutalith Vortex Beast. I will reserve judgement on these until I see them in the flesh, but as a first impression these are fairly neat looking Chaos Beasts.

My only problem with big monsters like this is that they are very easy artillery fodder. The amount of times I have bought down other armies large giants and such with cannons immediately puts me off when I look to adding big guys to my own force.

Of course we haven't seen the rules for these yet but I can imagine they do something hideously effective!

I know that a lot of the time there is a hate directed towards Games Workshop but honestly when looking at these models I don't see any of them that I wouldn't be proud to own.

Now, bring me my Throgg and let's start a Chaos Troll army!

Let me know your thoughts on this latest Chaos Warrior release below.

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