Fire, Ogres, Shadows & More For Warhammer Quest Expansion

August 31, 2013 by brennon

Sadly no this isn't an expansion to the board game. Warhammer Quest by Rodeo Games is getting its next expansion which brings new heroes to the fold. Check them out below...

Bright Wizard

Ogre Irongut

Shadow Warrior

As you can see you'll be getting access to the Bright Wizard, the Ogre Irongut and the Shadow Warrior for use in this new campaign which takes place in Averland.

This expansion sees the coming of new enemies like deadly Stone Trolls, a Fire Caverns tile set which makes things look nice and different and much more. It's named The Brutal Tribe and look out for more on it soon.

The game actually ended up being pretty good and went down well with lovers of the old game and newcomers alike.

Did you play it?

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