Forge World Feel A Rumble Underfoot In The Depths Of Lustria

February 18, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have another monster on the horizon for Warhammer Forge. This huge beast has been dragged from the pages of Monstrous Arcanum and will most likely be charging around the jungle scaring away potential explorers.

Forge World Lustrian Monster

I haven't read Monstrous Arcanum so I'm not sure which beast this is. I'm sure one of our eagle eyed community members can drop a comment below and let me know where this creature dwells!

I have shown this image off to a few friends and every one of them went 'wow'. It certainly is a masterful piece of sculpting and there is so much detail oozing out of it. In particular I love the scars over it's eye. I love the idea that something else came very close to hurting the beast but it's now deep in it's belly.

What do you think?

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