The Full Majesty Of Warhammer’s Nagash Leaks!

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Grot Orderly, who seem to have a fair amount of access to White Dwarf Magazines have managed to get some more shots of Warhammer Fantasy's big bad guy from Games Workshop, Nagash, in full and also a little more about his rules...

Nagash Cover

Nagash Miniature

The two versions of the miniature above show off Nagash and the spirit hosts that swirl around him as he is lifted off the ground. He isn't actually as tall as we thought he was since the ghosts are holding him up but he is still pretty tall when you think about it. The cover also brings up a rather interesting twist that could well be pointing towards the new edition of the game on the tabletop. Could this be Games Workshops chance to actually push on the storyline and kill off a few characters and bring more into the light?

Nagash Book

The fact that he is getting himself a new book and that Nagash is a subtitle is something to pay attention to as well. Could The End Times become the 'Sanctus Reach' of Warhammer Fantasy? There certainly seems to be a lot of content stuffed into those pages and it should be revealing things about the storyline as well as scenarios and rules I imagine.

Added to that there is a listing for a new book from Black Library which should be well worth a read for us background lovers. I can't wait to see where Games Workshop go with this and I am still very impressed with the miniature AND the look of the new book.

Bring it on!

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