Games Workshop Raise Up the Vampire Counts

July 30, 2011 by dracs

Games Workshop are once again raising up the armies of the dead with some new additions to the Vampire Counts range now available as advance orders.

First of all two vampires have made their way over to Finecast. Here is Vlad von Carstein, Patriarch of the Vampire Counts.

Vlad is quickly followed up by his successor, Konrad von Karstein the insane Vampire Count.

These two vampire lords are sure to provide your army with whatever it is you might want, be it the magic and power of Vlad von Carstein or the butchery of Konrad.

However, it is these next three new releases which really draw the eye.

The Tomb Banshee, ready to strike fear into the hearts of the opposing army.

The Cairn Wraith, going forth to reap the souls of the enemy.

Last, but definitely by no means least, the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon.

This Dragon is particularly impressive and would make the perfect centre piece for any Vampire Counts army.

However, maybe you fancy something a little more feral than this. Well you're in luck as the kit also provides you with the choice of making a Ghoul King mounted on a Terrorgeist.

All in all some pretty nice new stuff available eh? But after you've got yourself such great heroes you need to go and raise yourself an army and the Garden's of Morr are the perfect recruiting ground.

Now this terrain kit allows you the perfect objective for you and your friends to fight over.

So what do you guys think of this plethora of undead releases? Any of you fancy grabbing some and telling your armies to rise from their grave?

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