Games Workshop Reveal The Coming Of The Dwarfs

January 27, 2014 by brennon

The Dwarfs are coming down from the mountains as February arrives for Games Workshop. With a new White Dwarf Magazine on the way it would be remiss of us not to at least carry on a tradition and share some of the sneak peeks inside. There is also a teaser image above...

White Dwarf Cover

As you can see the front cover is of the mighty Belegar Ironhammer and the issue also includes rules for the Dwarfen King. It sounds great to know there will be a sneak peek at the rules before the book comes out.

I do like the model, apart from that rather stupid helmet. I know Dwarfs love a bit of pomp and ceremony sometimes when they show off their riches but they are also practical! (Edit: Some have said that this is actually an icon on his back rather than part of the helmet, so that might be a bit easier to remove!)

Dwarf Slayer Hero


As well as that cover we've seen inside the issue and glimpsed the new Slayer character model and some Hammerer/Longbeards that have been put together as the new plastic kit.

The Slayer hero is quite neat looking but he is in yet another impractical stance. I know dynamic is good, but why does he need to be tripping over a rock? Shame really because I think they could have achieved the same 'charge' feel without it.

The Hammerers and Longbeards however are much more awesome and although it looks like they got someone derpy to paint the faces once again they are epic and covered in armour just as they should be.

Sourced from Bugman's Brewery.


A friend of mine sent over some images from another blog site with what was one of the old Dwarf Lord Kits. Not going to see the light of day, but it quite funky to see.

Dwarf Lord Kit #1

Dwarf Lord Kit #2

Can't wait to see what else is coming on the Dwarf front!

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