Giant Carmine Dragon from Warhammer Forge

June 28, 2011 by beerogre

Here's the latest model from Warhammer Forge... the Carmine Dragon!

Here's what Warhammer Forge have to say about this beastie!

Carmine Dragons are strange and rare beasts even amongst their storied kin, born, it is said, when a dragon's lair is saturated by the Amethyst wind of Death; the power of Shyish gathering and magnifying within the heart and soul of the beast yet to hatch.

Carmine Dragons, sometimes known in dark legend as Encarmine Dragons, are named for their scales, which darken from a deep, ruby red when young to a purple so dark as to be almost black when they age, and many ancient tales hold them as spectres of death.

At just less than 8", it's not as epic as you might imagine, but it's still a hefty model.

What do you think guys?

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