Gotrek & Felix Head off on a New Set of Adventures

August 20, 2012 by brennon

Gotrek & Felix have been slightly quiet of late. The Anthology collected a selection of stories together about the dynamic duo of the Old World, but it's about time we heard some new tales from Jaeger's quill. You will be pleased to know a lot is on the horizon from Black Library...

Gotrek & Felix - Curse of the Everliving

First up is Gotrek & Felix: Curse of the Everliving. This is a new audio drama by David Guymer and something fans have been waiting for since the successful Slayer of the Storm God a long time ago!

Gotrek & Felix - Fourth Omnibus Cover by Winona Nelson

The Fourth Omnibus is also on the way, with a brilliant piece of cover art by Winona Nelson. It isn't just the new omnibus that get her artistic touch though, as all the existing Omnibus collections are getting a facelift with new artwork. Nelson has previously done the art for books like Thanquol's Doom and the stories of Ulrika the Vampire.

But that's not all. Gotrek & Felix are also going on a new novel adventure in Road of Skulls. This is penned by Josh Reynolds who created the amazing book, Knight of the Blazing Sun.

"Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask... Gotrek and Felix race to the dwarf hold at Karak Kadrin, finding it besieged by one of the grand armies of Chaos warlord Garmr. When King Ungrim Ironfist speaks of the legendary ‘Road of Skulls’ and of the hated foe’s attempts to open a portal into the Realm of Chaos, Gotrek senses that a great doom awaits him – though it may not be the one he would choose for himself. As the king’s own son leads his army of Slayers to fulfil an ancient prophecy, it seems that Garmr’s hour of victory may be at hand."

All of this Gotrek & Felix goodness will be out next year during February and March, so watch this space!

Are you looking forwards to seeing the Old Worlds most famous faces again?

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