Khorne Takes Over As The Next Warhammer End Times Book Approaches

February 9, 2015 by brennon

The Warhammer End Times from Games Workshop is set to hit again with a massive attack from the North as Archaon himself leads the forces of Chaos to invade the Empire. Not only does this bring us a new Bloodthirster but also some new units called (reportedly) Skullreapers and Wrathmongers. See them HERE...

Bloodthirster (Art)

The new Bloodthirster is quite the sight to behold and a massive improvement over the one we've been lumbered with for an age. It's presented jumping through the air with its axe held in two hands in front of it. The wings are huge and it looks like an absolute beast. The new Bloodthirster has also passed on the red skin and now has coal black skin in the official images. An interesting new challenge for painters!

The new units are also seen alongside Archaon himself as he attacks. These Skullreapers and Wrathmongers are large infantry, a little bit like the Blightkings that we saw for Nurgle I would imagine, and come with a variety of interesting weapons. They effectively look a lot like what Chosen SHOULD be for their faction in the game.

Chains, hammers, mutations and more are present on these warriors that could well be more at home in Warhammer 40,000 than on the Warhammer battlefield. An interesting mix of aesthetics.

See what you think of them!

"The new Bloodthirster is quite the sight to behold"

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