Lead Your Night Goblins To Victory With Warhammer Forge

January 12, 2013 by brennon

It looks like the Battle for Black Fire Pass is nearing as Forge World release their first greenskins in this Night Goblin Command Set. Check out these pesky grobi scum below...

Night Goblin Command Set

This set contains a Standard Bearer carrying a Battle Standard emblazoned with the symbol of the yellow moon. Next to him is a Warboss riding a Great Cave Squig which will certainly put some deadly claws on your weedy little boss.

Night Goblin Shaman

Finishing off the set is a Shaman who is spewing magic from every orifice it seems! When you take a look at the close ups you can see that he might have had a few too many mushrooms!

I do like the action in this miniature especially and its a lot of fun for use on the battlefield and telling a story.

What do you think?

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