Leaked Winged Beasts Swoop Into Warhammer Fantasy Soon

September 2, 2014 by brennon

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Some more leaks have popped up on the internet via Grot Orderly for what's coming in the final week of releases for The End Times and the Nagash part of the saga by Games Workshop. See what you think of the Morghasts and some spook Spirit Hosts...

Morghast #1

Morghast #2

First up we have the Morghasts which come as both Archai and Harbingers in the same duel kit. I am once again a big fan of what's coming out of Games Workshop right now and I think this shows a real dedication to make this release something that's not just a flash in the pan. I want to know how these things work as well as they look amazingly cool. I think I need to look at making my Vampire Counts army a reality again.

Spirit Hosts

A deadly array of Spirit Hosts, like those that swirl around Nagash, will also hit the webstore and I am still a big fan of these too. I like the look of them as cruel and evil pieces that are decidedly better than the weird ghosts we used to see. It's cool to see them actually coming out of the skeletons too which is a nice touch and anchors them into a narrative and the base mechanically.


In a switch up to the focus there is also a bit of showing off when it comes to the Salamanders and these kits are from Forge World. Maybe we'll see a fiery switch to Warhammer 40,000 in the coming weeks?

What do you think of these additional releases?

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