Learn Of Mighty Warlord Skarsnik With Black Library

February 15, 2013 by brennon

It does seem that a lot of the emphasis goes on the Horus Heresy books by Black Library and while I know they are widely loved I just don't enjoy them. So, when I saw Black Library were pressing on with more novels for Warhammer Fantasy I was overjoyed. Check out the cover their upcoming book, Skarsnik by Guy Haley...


"The goblin chieftain Skarsnik’s name is known and feared throughout the Old World. When a greenskin horde threatens the borders of the Empire, the greatest military minds in Altdorf seek assistance from a most unlikely source – the disgraced poet Jeremiah Bickenstadt. Though long since consumed by madness, he claims to have spent a great deal of time in the company of the feared Warlord of the Eight Peaks, and can offer a unique insight into what it is that drives and motivates him. From humble beginnings, a monstrous legend is born."

Now I do have an innate hatred of the greenskins thanks to my Dwarfen roots, but that doesn't stop me enjoying reading about them. It just means I get to write another grudge based on their actions!

I seriously enjoyed the Battle for Skull Pass novella and I reckon this will be up there as a fun adventure mixing in the dark humour of the goblins with some resolute Empire characters.

Do you think you'll be reading up on this Goblin Warboss?

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