A Magma Dragon Stalks into the Warhammer Old World

September 10, 2012 by brennon

Seemingly not appearing on the Forge World Website, Games Workshop unleashed the mighty Magma Dragon on the Old World via their What's New Today section of the website...

Magma Dragon #1

Magma Dragon Close-Up

Magma Dragon #2

Magma Dragon Scale Comparison

This mighty beast (I would imagine) is available through the Monstrous Arcanum book, a massive tome full of the mighty beasts of the Old World. I quite like this take on the typical dragon, giving it a squat look. You can see this living below the ground, stalking out from smoking caves looking for the next meal. Certainly more salamander looking, and that raises a question on it being a pretty awesome addition to the Lizardman force?

Also, rumours point to the next big book release from Warhammer Forge will be a look at the battles of Blackfire Pass. The death of Marius Leitdorf and other legendary moments will be retold next year.

What do you think of the Magma Dragon?

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