The Mighty Glottkin Arrives For Warhammer Fantasy

October 24, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have added their next big villain to their webstore for The End Times and Warhammer Fantasy. As well as the massive miniature of The Glottkin they're also bringing out the next big End Times Book and more...

The Glottkin

As you can see he is quite the monstrous creation and I'm all behind this sculpt. I think it's cool looking and has plenty of detail across not just the third hulking brother but also with the two riders as well. I can see a lot of interesting versions of this hitting the internet over the next few months. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the big model you see featuring at Golden Daemon next year too.

Glottkin Standard Edition

Glottkin Limited Edition

With the miniature you also needs rules and the next big book is out charting the history of this End Times conflict. As we know already Altdorf is set to fall and the forces of Chaos are pushing ever deeper into The Old World while plots and schemes are hatched elsewhere. I want to see the new rules for Karl Franz in person though!

There's a Standard Edition as well as a Limited Edition version of the rules that also comes with a series of art prints for some of the main players in the storyline. You also have the choice of a digital version too if you were that way inclined.

Will you be dragging yourself out of the swampy mire to pick up this next book and another monstrous enemy to the forces of Light and Order?

Let us know!

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