New Monsterous Creatures & Expansion for Warhammer

November 26, 2011 by brennon

Beastman and Orc & Goblin players in Warhammer could be very interested in the newest wave of monstrous beasts that are coming from Games Workshop in December. Check out the terrifying foes below...



Above is the Cygor/Ghorgon plastic kit which should be coming in around the size of the Giant one. A lot of detail and it seems like a lot of options too. Whether or not something this big would actually work in the newest edition is yet to be tested. My Dwarf gun line savours large targets!

Jabberslythe Finecast

Next is the Jabberslythe which I must say looks rather good as a model. Nice and original looking with some great character too it.

Mangler Squig Finecast

Doombull Finecast

Also out in Finecast (look away now Darrell!) is the Mangler Squig, something every greenskin player has been wanting. And of course below that is the Doombull now rendered in the flexible stuff. A bit of a bugbear already has been that the Mangler Squig is coming in at £36 for a unit that costs 65 points!

Also on the horizon from Games Workshop is the campaign expansion Blood in the Badlands. With rules for setting a Mighty Empires campaign out in the wastelands and also bringing in mighty siege weapons is this a good step for the current game?

Blood in the Badlands

Badlands Sneak Peak 1

Badlands Sneak Peak 2

You can also check out a video of the December releases above, with 360 degree views of the models.

What do you make of the new models and of course this new expansion for Warhammer?

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