Mordheim Gets a ‘Lads Got Talent’ Upgrade into Heroheim

October 1, 2012 by brennon

Not long ago Sam looked into playing Mordheim for the first time, and this buoyed me back into the game too. I however turned to the fan made upgrade for the game named Coreheim. Coreheim sought to remove a lot of the unnecessary complications and streamline the rules into a fast paced game. However, even with this updated rules set the designers didn't think it was perfect...

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So the next evolution has come along, and this time its been dubbed Heroheim. Coreheim was said to be too clinical in its approach to the game (which I do agree with) and while clearing up plenty of the rules was still a game where blobs of men rushed at each other. Heroheim seeks to solve those problems with a clearer focus on heroes and the individual squads of men within the game.

You can check out the different PDFs for the game on the Heroheim website and help with development by play testing. One of the questions I raised with the creators was the addition of more warbands. I enjoyed having access to more than just the core warbands, and apparently with this new version the options 'could' be present.

I suggest you check out both Hero and Coreheim and play a few games. It's certainly a great way to get playing Mordheim again.

Have you played Coreheim?

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