The Monsters of Mordheim Make Ready For Their Release

November 6, 2015 by dracs

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Mordheim, Rogue Factor's tactical RPG video game recreating Games Workshop's classic tabletop game, is nearing its November 20th release day. Before we step into those dark and deadly streets, lets get a look at some of the monsters waiting for us there.


Chaos Ogre

These monsters will provide mission bosses that you must seek out and destroy and neutral enemies that both sides must contend with and shape their tactics around.

"Considered as objectives in many of the missions, bosses like the gigantic Manticore or the ferocious Chaos Ogre will keep you on your toes. What are their special powers? How tough are they to kill? There is only one way to find out: have the courage to face them!"

Neutral enemies, such as the Bloodletter, will be particularly fun to go up against as, being neutral, they are likely to attack whoever they come across, adding an element of (heheh) chaos to the game play.


These monsters all look amazing. I like how the design team at Rogue Factor have gone with the more modern designs for these monsters. It really updates the game and highlights its grim atmosphere.

As a long time fan of Mordheim I am rather excited for this game's official release. I have had a few games with the early-access, although admittedly not recently, and it was really promising. I cannot wait to get stuck into the single player campaigns.

Will you be exploring the cursed city this November?

"Neutral enemies... add an element of (heheh) chaos to the game play..."

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