New Nurgle Blightkings For Warhammer Fantasy! [Update!]

October 8, 2014 by brennon

Heralding in both The End Times and the coming of a book focusing in on Chaos the first few scans of what's coming next have hit the internet from El Descano Del Escribe. The first big thing are the Nurgle Blightkings led by Gutrot Spume.

Update: Check out the additional images that have popped out concerning the Blightkings!

Putrid Blightkings

Above you can see said Blightkings and sadly most of the other images that come with this leak are so fuzzy and bad that there's very little point in showing you the images. However we can talk about their stats that did pop up online with them.


The Blightkings are infantry with a good toughness of 5 as you might imagine when it comes to Nurgle themed lists. They have access to great weapons, hand weapon and shield or two hand weapons to mix things up a bit and make them equally good at fighting anything they come up against.

Blightkings (Gallery)

With 3 attacks each, a weapon skill of 6, and an initiative of 5 they sound like they're going to be dealing with most things pretty easily. Having three wounds each certainly helps too.

Blightkings (Close-Up Alt)

Blightking (Alt)

Gutrot Spume comes in with initiative 7, 5 attacks, weapon skill 8 and a healthy strength 5 making him quite the infantry killer. His special rule allows him to walk through impassable and dangerous water and his flailing tentacles add D3 attacks to his profile which makes that unit killing all the easier.

Blight Kings (Close-Up)

Miniature wise I think each of them is pretty cool and I like the fact none of them look the same. I have some favourites however like the one in the top left and some not so favourites like the one in the bottom right.

Hopefully we'll see some clearer images worth showing you soon!

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