Rot Sets In As Games Workshop Put the Blightkings Up for Pre-Order

October 11, 2014 by dracs

The next stage of the End Times is preparing to descend upon the world of Warhammer. Rot and disease spread as the mighty Blightkings prepare to march out of Games Workshop as they appear for pre-order.


With their release upon the Games Workshop webstore we get a bit more information about them. The Blightkings themselves serve as champions of Nurgle, going wherever his influence is needed. Once chaos knights, they have earned the grandfather's blessings again and again, gaining ever more horrific mutations and diseases.

The Putrid Blightkings can be bought as a set of five, with each model having the possibility of two variant builds, as well as plenty of other components and options to help you make your Blightkings look how you want them to.

Putrid Blightkings

Alongside the Blightkings we find their fearless and festering leader, the Chaos Lord Gutrot Spume.

Gutrot Spume

Gutrot Spume is no mere Chaos Lord, but is in fact the commander of the greatest plague fleet in the north. For this his tentacled mutation serves him well, making him at home on both land and sea, and no doubt a terror on both.

Games Workshop offer these new models as a bundle called The Scions of the Last Plague.

Scions of the Last Plague

This set brings you Gutrot Spume, along with ten of his Blightkings, providing you with enough models to assemble all of the different variants available for these new heroes of Nurgle.

According to Games Workshop, the rules for playing these miniatures can be found in the accompanying construction booklet, as well as in White Dwarf No. 37. No word yet whether or not they will eventually be accompanied by a dedicated resource book, possibly for all of the Chaos forces in The End Times, but I hope so as it will allow us to see how events have moved on beyond the rise of Nagash.

Will you be pre-ordering these minis? Now you see them properly, what do think of their sculpts?

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