Monstrous New Releases From Warhammer Forge

September 9, 2011 by dracs

Warhammer Forge have got two new monstrous sculpt for all you fans of Skaven and Chaos Dwarves. Check these beasties out.

First up we have the Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror.

That's right now you can mount your warlords onto one of  these hulking abominations from the twisted minds of Clan Moulder.

But that is not all to get excited over. Attacking out of the skies comes the fearsome sight of the Chaos Dwarf Bale Taurus!

Don't worry if you're not a Chaos Dwarf player though, the Warhammer Forge description of this creature says "none but the highest servants of Hashut and the most powerful of Fire wizards can hope to break and master these hellish bull-monsters" which suggests that fire wizards might also be able to take it as a mount.

It certainly looks better than the old Games Workshop Great Taurus which has been re-released for Storm of Magic.

What do you guys think of these latest offerings from Warhammer Forge? Do you think you'll be parting with your hard earned/stolen/saved-up-from-selling-elderly-family-members cash to get them?

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