Skaven from Hell…Pit

January 22, 2011 by dracs

Last week, you may have seen the new releases for the Skaven army. These new little (or in some cases, very big) nasties seem to have generated quite a bit of excitement among all you fans of the back-stabbing rodents and now they have scuttled their way onto Beasts of War.

Let's start with the one that seems to have generated the greatest splash... and given its size this is hardly surprising!

From the twisted depths of the imaginations of those true Master Mutators at Games-Workshop, we are proud to present that malformed monstrosity, the Hell Pit Abomination! Give him a big hand folks.

Hell Pit Abomonation

This bizarre creature (and that's using the word in its broadest possible sense) is the pinnacle of achievement for the Skaven of Clan Moulder and judging by its rules, this is obviously with good reason. With D6 impact hits, Regeneration, Terror, Stubborn and its Too Horrible to Die rule, the Hell Pit Abomination is a an effective, if some what erratic, monster of battlefield carnage.

So, does the model do it justice?

I have seen a number of good conversions for this unit and I have to admit, I liked the fact there was no model for it, as it forced people to use their imagination to make the weirdest creation they possibly could. I believe Belfast GW had a rather good one that was partly mounted on wheels. However, despite this I have to say that I really like this new model from GW and browsing some of the discussion groups it doesn't look like I'm alone in this.

In my opinion, the sculptor has really captured the chaotic nature of these monstrosities. Also, the model's plastic sprue seems to offer a good variety of extras, to allow players to modify their Abomination, so that it can lean either to a more mechanical design or a more organic one.

Next up, we have the new Warp Lightning Cannon/Plague Claw. The Warp Lightning Cannon has been a firm favourite with Skaven players for years (but not with us who have to face them) and the Plague Claw, similarly seems to be gathering its own following. So, it is little wonder why these models have gained so much attention among Skaven players.

Warp Lightning Cannon

I have to say, I'm a little conflicted about the Warp Lightning Cannon. On the one hand, I like that it looks far more bodged together and rickety, fitting with Skaven engineering. On the other hand, the last Warp Lightning Cannon shared so much in common with the Dwarven Flame Cannon, that you could imagine that the Skaven had nicked one and improved it, as only a Skaven can. I would be interested in hearing your views on it.

Plague Claw

Then there is the Plaague Claw. I love how this looks, especially the putrescent pile of filth in the throwing claw. Games Workshop have made a good move with all the new stuff themed around Clan Pestilence and it has really opened up the field, for players who want to base their armies around this most disgusting of the clans. As a Lizardman player, I'm just a little nervous.

Alongside these we have a variety of (somewhat) smaller releases, including the huge variety of weapons teams and of course the two special characters . Firstly, the inclusion of the Warp-Grinder and Doom-Flayer weapons teams provide a player with a few nice options for close combat. Their inclusion also provides a nice variety in the predominantly ranged weapons teams.Doom FlayerWarp Grinder

The two special characters are possibly the best models of the new releases. First we have Tretch Craventail. As his name suggests, he's not the bravest of characters and I believe his sculpt has really captured the sense of him staying out of arms reach while looking for opportunities.


Lastly, I'm sure Skaven veterans will join me in giving Ikit Claw a fond "welcome back". Bristling with Skaven tech and cast in a fantastic firing pose, good ol' Ikit is definitely a welcome re-release... and the curled up rat image of his standard, is just a nice little detail.

Ikit Claw

Below is the list of new Skaven releases:

If you have any opinions on these new releases, or would like to show us some of your own Hell Pit Abomination conversions be sure to leave a comment below. In the meantime may the gleam from the Horned Rat's teeth illuminate you all.

BoW Sam

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