Total War: Warhammer – High King Edition Unboxing Challenge

March 11, 2016 by brennon

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So you've seen my little adventure VLOG as I took on four Dwarven Challenges. Now you can check out the full video here from Creative Assembly, the High King Edition Unboxing Challenge for Total War: Warhammer. You can watch it above and give me your thoughts on how it went below...


I took on Two Angry Gamers and Simon Miller of The Miller Report at Axe Throwing, Drinking, Shooting and Blacksmithing in an effort to try and win the title of High King. You'll have to watch to see how I did. I can just say I'm a mean thrower of axes.

High King Edition

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Hopefully I stood up for us tabletop wargamers and was able to win some glory and honour for those of us who collect plastic and metal.

A big thanks one again to Creative Assembly for the fun day out and Explosive Alan for putting the video together.

Have fun watching!

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