Unleash the Monsters and Magic of the Old World!

March 28, 2012 by brennon

Forge World have announced another new item today, this time with a Warhammer flavour. If you like your monsters, your magic and your fiery brimstone then check out this new tome!

Monstrous Arcanum Cover

Monstrous Arcanum unleashes 32 new monsters, binding scrolls, scenarios and all sorts of background information for the Old World. All the massive monsters you have seen from Warhammer Forge can now be used with full rules on the battlefield in Storms of Magic and beyond.

Inside Detail #1

Inside Detail #2

Inside Detail #3Some lavish artwork and writing has been put to good use in this book and it certainly looks the part as a magical tome ready for use by a budding wizard conquering the ancient might of dragons and beyond.

Basilisk Rules

Khemric Titan

Grand Summoning ScenarioThis seems like quite a collectors item as well as a great gaming aide to spice up your Warhammer experience. The question is, will you punt for this rather pricey bit of literature for your games or not? Suddenly the Old World looks a lot scarier!

What do you think of this newest Warhammer Forge book?

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