Vampire Counts Rise Again

January 9, 2012 by dracs

Games Workshop are now accepting advanced orders for their new (or should that be resurrected?) Vampire Counts. It is once again time to rise from your grave!

Looks like the Vampire Counts will be getting lots more undead goodies to unleash on your enemies. Here are a few of what you can expect to see.

"The monarchs of the night are often borne to war on gilded palanquins known as Coven Thrones. These bone-framed constructs are held aloft by the departed spirits of those slain by the Vampire and doomed to bear them into battle for eternity."

"Vargheists are the darkness in a Vampire's soul made manifest... Though the Vargheists were once noble Vampires, they have since devolved into ravening predatorsdesperate for the taste of blood."

"The malformed monstrosities known as Crypt Horrors are, thankfully, a rare sight, though in times of open war their shambling forms can often be seen marching alongside the armies of the Ghoul Kings."

"Hexwraiths are born in the very depths of the Underworld, their only goal to hunt down those who have cheated death."

From ethereal cavalry to monstrous infantry, everything a budding undead general needs to bring some serious destruction.

What do you think of these? Are these a welcome addition? Do any of you already play Vampire Counts? What are you hoping to see in the new book?

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