Violet Death – Feast of the Ghouls!

October 12, 2011 by beerogre

Is anyone feeling hungry? Tinracer has progressed to the next set of units for his Vampire Counts army... the Ghouls!

No true Vampire Count can claim a proper retinue without these semi-dead cannibals in their ranks and Violet is no different. These units are constructed using Mantic Ghouls, but I think there are a couple of bits of Mantic Zombie thrown in for good measure.

The units fillers are constructed from bits of the Games Workshop Garden of Morr... as well as some miniatures from a few smaller companies you may not have heard off... check out Tinracer's WiP Thread on the Warhammer groups to find out more.

"I have played with the crypt folk long before the black plague came to my village. I would sneak out of the house at night, to go and listen to the stories of the grey folk that live under the graves. It was the hissing lady that warned me that the rat men of the undercity were bringing the black death to our part of the empire. I told the town council but no one listened to little Violet..."

For more cool pictures and insider tips on creating this fantastic Warhammer army, check out the WiP thread HERE on the Painting Factory.

You can check out the fantastic Violet Death Plog by clicking the link.

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