Violet Death: The Plague Doctors meet the Scarecrow

October 19, 2011 by beerogre

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Here's the latest update from Tinracer about Violet Death!

This time he's used some Wargames' Foundry Plague Doctors and one of the pre-painted plastic Scarecrows from the (no defunct) World of Warcraft minis game.

"The doctor men came to help us when the sickness started to make everyone sleepy. But they got very tired and fell asleep too. Now I have woken them up, they are much better at getting towns folk back on their feet. They can cure sleeping even in people that have been put in graves. More for me to play with."

"Creaking and clanking, the man from the field comes in from the harvest and with each of his nightly outings he brings me more friends, like sheaves of ripened barley."

For more cool pictures and insider tips on creating this fantastic Warhammer army, you can check out the fantastic Violet Death Plog by clicking the link.

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