Violet Death – The Zombies Arise!

October 10, 2011 by crew

It's the run up to Halloween and Tinracer, one of our long time contributors has started a spooky new project, inspired by the season... Violet Death...

Join us as he assembles his macabre Vampire Counts army and see the different miniatures he's using to represent his legion of the restless dead.

"My name is Violet.

I was 6 when the black death came to my town. All of the people became very sick and went to a very long sleep. My mother, father and two brothers all went sick and off to sleep too. I was all alone…

Then I met a nice pale man that kissed my neck and now I’ll never be sick, ever or ever. And I can now wake up all my friends and family to play with, including mister scarecrow from the lower field, all the nice doggies from the huntsman pack and the nice, long nose doctor men that came to the town to help but got sleepy.

That was 92 birthdays ago…

I am Violet and I am 6 and I WANT some more friends to play with…"

"These are my very best friends. I like playing with them alot. If I break them or they fall apart it's ok, because I can always make some more."

There will be more along soon... so stay tuned... if you dare!

Next time... we'll look at the Ghouls!!!

You can check out the fantastic Violet Death Plog by clicking the link.

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