Waaaaaaghammer Forge Orc Rogue Idol Now on Pre-Order

February 3, 2012 by brennon

Well we didn't have long to wait until we saw the actual miniatures did we! Here is the Orc Rogue Idol from Warhammer Forge!

Orc Rogue Idol

Orc Rogue Idol Detail

Orc Rogue Idol Painted

Infused with magic from totems, offerings and idols these rocky offerings to the Gods Gork and Mork will spring to life during a period of intense Orc activity. Powered by the Orc lust for battle and war they will go on crazy rampages throughout the Old World. Even more so during a Storm of Magic perhaps?

You can find the experimental rules for them here.

Will you be worshipping one of these dark idols?

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