Warhammer Empire Up for Advance Order

April 3, 2012 by dracs

The new releases for the Empire in Warhammer Fantasy are now available to pre-order from Games Workshop, so now is the perfect time to prepare your forces of the greatest kingdom of men.

Games Workshop - Empire Rulebook

Games Workshop - Empire Celestial Hurricanum

Games Workshop - Empire Markus Wulfhart

Games Workshop - Empire Demigryph Riders

Games Workshop - Empire Witch Hunter

Games Workshop - Empire Karl Franz

The Empire are one of my favourite armies in Warhammer Fantasy and I am really excited to see some of these new miniatures. The Witch Hunter is an especially welcome sight, I've missed them since the Mordheim miniatures.

Will any of you be pre-ordering an Empire force? How do you think the army will have changed in the new edition?

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