New Warhammer Empire in White Dwarf

March 29, 2012 by brennon

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It seems like the tight lips of the citizens within the Old World have been made to talk by the powers of Chaos. As ever the Changer of Ways has helped us, the masses, get a hold of some images of the new additions to the Empire arsenal from Games Workshop. And they are some pretty good looking pieces of kit...

Empire Rulebook

First up is a sneaky shot of the Empire rulebook. Hardback as always and featuring some more marmite artwork I don't doubt. I have been dubious about the art on the new books with some (like the Ogre Kingdoms) being fantastic and others like the Tomb Kings not so good. But what we're really here for is models...

Empire General on Griffon

Alternate Empire General on Griffon

Imperial Griffon

This massive griffon is certainly a worthy mount for the characters of the Empire. Seems like it can be mounted with Karl Franz, a number of worthy warriors and even wizards. But if your looking for a smaller version of this for your rank and file then how about some Demigryph Knights?

Demigryph Knights

I think this is proof that horses are just not good enough. I was mulling these models over and immediately thought of the conversion possibilities. Could these work for High Elves?

Celestial Wizard

Luminark of Hysh

And instead of mounting your wizards on a simple horse, or giving him a fulcrum how about one of these machinations? They seem to be directly drawn from some of the concept art in the older rulebooks so that's fantastic news. It's great to see the weird and wonderful of the Old World appearing in model form. Whether or not they are good on the table top is another matter.

Volkmar on War Altar

Volkmar however is someone we are already familiar with. After the terrors of the Storm of Chaos this guy is pretty well known on the battlefield. A great new War Altar has become his pedestal and from the looks of it he can be placed down as a singular model too.

Empire Heroes

Special Characters and Heroes

Some fantasic hero characters are also on the cards for your Empire faction. I particularly like the new Witch Hunter who was someone sorely missing from the army lists before. You can now really add some character to your massive Sigmarite force full of crazy worshippers. I am so using that Amber Wizard for my up-coming Beastman army too.

Overall this is looking like a great set of new releases for The Empire.

Scans via Warseer.

What do you make of these new models and which is your favourite?

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