Warhammer Fantasy & 40,000 Herald The Coming Of Daemons

February 25, 2013 by brennon

Now we've all had a moment or two to look over the new models we can look at them with a bit more detail. Let's have a run down of the new miniatures for both Daemons of Chaos and Chaos Daemons by Games Workshop...

Chaos Daemons

Daemons of Chaos

Warhammer - Daemons of Chaos Limited Edition (Nurgle)

First up we have the massive tomes you will be taking to the tabletop. As always they look like they are very lavish books with hard covers and full colour artwork throughout.

This time around they have also released a selection of limited edition rulebooks, the Nurgle one of which is shown above. I have to say that regardless of what they are giving me I would much rather see the artwork from the new books on there than the John Blanche illustrations.

Personal preference in this case but this is one occasion where less doesn't mean more.

Herald of Khorne

Herald of Nurgle

Herald of Slaanesh

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot

Next up we have a look at the miniatures which I consider to be the cream of this new release. I was looking over these a week or so ago and was somewhat undecided but now I have seen some better images they truly do look pretty amazing.

My favourite of the four has to be the Herald of Khorne. I have always maintained that the Bloodletters were some of the best kits Games Workshop had ever put out, and creating a bigger one to lead others into battle seems like a good choice.

The Herald of Nurgle and Slaanesh both have their merits but don't seem as dynamic as the new Herald of Khorne. I would consider just using Festus the Leech Lord as your Nurgle leader and the Masque for a Slaanesh horde.

Last and not least is the Herald of Tzeentch aboard his floating chariot. This is certainly the better of the two combinations you can make with the kit as it gets rid of the strange fire yet keeps the magical nature intact.

I would consider removing him from the Chariot and keeping him on foot however.

Skull Cannon of Khorne

Blood Throne of Khorne

Burning Chariot

Following on from that look at a Chariot we have three variants of the large kits above. I am still very much on the fence concerning the Blood Throne and Cannon of Khorne. Both kits look, odd and very out of synch with my vision of what Chaos would look like. But, this is a daemonic creation from the realm of madness so maybe it makes sense to someone!

The Burning Chariot, in my opinion at least, is a bit of a mess. I don't like the fire effects coming out of the stand at the back of the chariot or belching forth from the flamers mouth. If I was modelling it I would look to get rid of those and hope it still stood up.

Plague Drones

Finally we have the miniatures that have probably caused the most uproar and dissent. I can certainly see where people are coming from as these Plague Drones don't look anything like anyone thought.

I would be removing the riders, who just look strange mounted as they are. Then do away with the trunk too and create some sort of sucking maw in its place. Once those two things are sorted I'd consider summoning them from the warp.

I think I know the answer to this question already but...

What do you think of this new release?

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