New from Warhammer Forge… Mannan’s Blades

April 22, 2011 by beerogre

Warhammer Forge have released a new conversion kit that allows you to create a unit of Mannan's Blades... but who are they?

The infamous Manann’s Blades are a powerful mercenary regiment owned, outfitted and operated via intermediaries sworn to the shadowy Merchant Lords of Marienburg. This gang of ne’er-do-wells gather around a core of hardened fighters, veteran marines from the Marienburger merchant fleets who are utterly without honour. They have seldom sold their blades for gold in the Empire, and it is doubtful that anyone so feared (and as born a survivor) as Edvard Van Der Kraal could keep them in check.

But that's not all... there's also the Nuln Ironsides Command...

The current commander of the Nuln Ironsides is Jubal Falk, an engineer with a flair for tactical matters who many consider destined to become Guildmaster of the Gunnery School. Falk’s natural talents and dogged enforcement of strict discipline have earned him an honourable reputation, and he is well-respected by his men both for his skills as a battlefield engineer and as their leader.

I like the Master Engineer, and the Blades have a very medieval feel, they would allow them to fit into other games, not just WHFB.

What do you think guys?

BoW Andy

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