Warhammer Invasion Goes Legendary

July 19, 2011 by brennon

Warhammer Invasion was the astounding deck-building game by Fantasy Flight Games released in 2009 which over the past two years, has gone from strength to strength. What started out with a one box game has spawned four 'cycles' filled with cards and two huge expansion boxes, which evolved and added to the races of the Warhammer world.

Warhammer Invasion Core Set

The first expansion, Assault on Ulthuan added to the allied High and Dark Elves, which you got through the main boxed game. The second, March of the Damned unleashed the powerful Lizardmen and Vampire Counts as allies of both the side of Order or Destruction.

Now with many races added (like Skaven and Wood Elves during the latest Cycles), Fantasy Flight have decided to add in a few more of those Heroes to the card game with their coming expansion, Warhammer Invasion: Legends.

The Legends expansion adds a wealth of new cards to the mix, but the major part is of course the inclusion of massive figures within the world of Warhammer. The Emperor himself Karl Franz can now be part of your deck as well as such figures as Azhag the Slaughterer, Malekith and Archaon each with their own powers bent on laying waste to your foes.

The newest expansion is set to change a lot in terms of the game and is set to give another layer of strategy to the already deep game Fantasy Flight have created and its sure to make ever more impressive games at tournament level and just for fun!

So do any of you guys play Warhammer Invasion?

What races do you enjoy and do you think this new Legends Expansion is going to be worth it?

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