The Warhammer End Times Skaven Get Their Official Teaser

December 29, 2014 by brennon

A new teaser trailer has dropped for Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy End Times and the Skaven coming up from underground. It doesn't mention them specifically but I think from all the leaks we've got a pretty good handle on what's coming...

Vermin Lord

As well as the new teaser a whole bunch of new images (see HERE for the leaks) for the Skaven Vermin Lord and his variants have popped up and while some are looking rather awesome some leave a bit to be desired.

An armoured version that looks like Queek went a little over the top on the Warpstone has popped up and while I commend the effort to make a big burly rat I think the style of the piece isn't what I'd initially imagined would work for the Skaven. It may just be the red and brass Khorne-like colour scheme putting me off however.

Next to that one however we also have a less armoured option complete with arm blades and withered skeletal skull. I think this one a lot more and it fits in with the idea of the Skaven being quick and agile. I think the toned down armour colour looks nice too.

Thanquol & Boneripper

Overall the design on these new Vermin Lords is pretty top notch and they bring with them more rumours as to what's coming going forward including us seeing a NEW Grey Seer Thanquol (and hopefully Boneripper!)!

Exalted Vermin Lord by Grey Seer Exahm

What do you make of these new Vermin Lords?

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