Warhammer End Times! The Skaven Are Up Next!

December 26, 2014 by brennon

The Warhammer End Times are hotting up at the beginning of the new year with the Skaven being next up from Games Workshop. With that in mind some new images of the Vermin Lord have appeared and while we can't show you them we'll have a chat about them and discuss the actual rules!

Games Workshop Vermin Lord

Much like the old Vermin Lord the new one (in plastic one assumes) is holding a rather large glaive like weapon although this one is now double ended more like a voulge. In his other hand he's clutching an orb. Standing atop his own weapon the new Vermin Lord looks a lot more lithe than his predecessors and that's echoed by his curled horns and whipping tail drawn around him at the base of the miniature.

Forge World Exalted Vermin Lord

It's certainly a monstrous beast and it's weapon is very much like the Forge World one you can see above, just more dainty (if dainty is the right word). Now let's have a chat about some of the rules...

  • The Vermin Lord is a Level 4 Wizard
  • He counts as a Demon with his magical attacks and 5+ Ward Save
  • He is 'Wrapped in Shadow' meaning there is a -1 modifier to shooting him
  • One of his weapons has both armour piercing and poisoned attacks while he also has a thrown weapon (probably the globe) that does the same. There is also another special rule that means he does a number of attacks equal to the models in the front rank he is fighting.

Away from that this is just one of five versions of The Vermin Lord that can be built from the plastic kit according to the rumours. It will be very interesting to see how this all works out on the tabletop and I know there are quite a few Skaven fans who will be excited by this news.

After the damp squib of new releases for Khaine I'm glad the Skaven are getting themselves something big and nasty!

What do you think to it so far?

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