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We have a look in the Warhammer Watchtower box


John checks out some Warhammer Fantasy scenery.

FAQ’s for Warhammer 8th Edition are out!


So the FAQ’s for Warhammer 8th edition are out to deal with your questions and clarify some areas of the rules. There are FAQ’s for each army and this should help resolve any, lets say discussions you and your friends may have been having.

Thank You for Watching Warhammer Week


So that’s it people Warhammer Week is a wrap! We hope you enjoyed it and now that 8th is out we will continue to have more Warhammer Fantasy content on the site. Until the next videos check out the many Warhammer […]

Building the Otherworld Giant with Filla Glu


So we thought it would be useful to show you Filla Glu not to mention the class Otherworld Giant, 1 of 5 in the G Series. Why during Warhammer Week I hear you ask, simple there’s loads of metal models in fantasy and this Filla Glu range is epic at sticking metal! but be careful not to stick your fingers together.

Using Mantic Armies for Warhammer


Ok people if you haven’t seen any of the Mantic miniatures then you are truly an Ostrich! They have been hard at work on their ever expanding range and might I say this company is one of my absolute favourites. […]



A little look at a funky rule that comes into play at the end of combat in Warhammer called STOMP!

Warhammer Enchanted Items


The guys discuss their favourite Enchanted items from Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition!

We have a look at the Mantic Vampire Lord on his Undead Pegasus


John peeks inside the box of the Mantic Vampire Lord on his Undead Pegasus, another good alternate model for Warhammer.

Warhammer Arcane Items


Warren and Darrell have a look over some of their favourite Arcane Items.

Warhammer: March and Fire for Skirmishers


John and Darrell have a good old natter about how in 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, skirmishers are allowed to March and Fire.

Elf Lord on Battle Dragon from Mantic Games


John has a good look at the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon, a really good alternate model.

Warhammer 8th: Best Bits Part 2


Warren and Darrell finish their look at their tops bits from the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition rulebook.

Warhammer Magic Weapons


The guys have a chat about magic weapons in Warhammer 8th edition.

What’s in the Temple of Skulls box set?


John takes a look at a rather impressive lump of plastic terrain called the Temple of Skulls. Check it out for a quick peek at what comes in this big BIG box!

Bringin’ in the music with Warhammer Musicians


John and Darrell have a little chat about how Musicians have changed in Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition.

More Warhammer Magic Items, Magic Standards


Warren and Darrell have a look over more magic items from Warhammer Fantasy.

We show you what’s in Warhammer Walls and Fences set


John takes a look over some more Scenery for Warhammer Fantasy. This time hes checking out the obviously named Walls and Fences set.

Warhammer Swift Stride


John and Darrell look over one of the rules that’s new to Warhammer Fantasy in 8th Edition, Swift Stride.

Warhammer Magic Talisman


Darrell and Warren look over more magic items for Warhammer Fantasy. This time they look over the Magic Talisman.

We look in the box of the Warhammer Chapel


John looks at the Warhammer Fantasy Chapel Scenery set and discusses the quality of this box set.

Warhammer Champions


John and Darrell have a look at how Champions have changed in Warhammer Fantasy and what they can do now to give them the edge!