Building the Otherworld Giant with Filla Glu

July 17, 2010 by lloyd

So we thought it would be useful to show you Filla Glu not to mention the class Otherworld Giant, 1 of 5 in the G Series. Why during Warhammer Week I hear you ask, simple there’s loads of metal models in fantasy and this Filla Glu range is epic at sticking metal! but be careful not to stick your fingers together.

It’s so good that this very heavy model (1.9kg when packed for shipping) is put together with out a pin in sight. So sit back and watch John at work and see how he preps the model and fills in any gaps.

For those of you interested in these products here’s some links and over on the right you can click the pricing option to go straight through to Wayland Games who are carrying Filla Glu.

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