Using Mantic Armies for Warhammer

July 16, 2010 by lloyd

Ok people if you haven't seen any of the Mantic miniatures then you are truly an Ostrich! They have been hard at work on their ever expanding range and might I say this company is one of my absolute favourites. The minis look good, theyโ€™re cost effective and easy to build.

Iโ€™ll fess up when it comes to modeling minis I hate the time it can take to pull a regiment together but Mantic minis are easy to build so you can pull a regiment together really quickly that still looks fantastic, in-fact hereโ€™s a skeleton regiment being built in about 11 or 12 minutes.

Anyway to the point, we think they make a great set of alternative models for playing Warhammer so John and Darrell have a look to see how easy and cost effective it would be to use them as Warhammer Fantasy army!

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