Warhammer Wood Elves Leave The Forest For Battle

April 26, 2014 by brennon

As you might have already gathered the Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy from Games Workshop have already taken to the fields around their woodland to begin the battle and reclamation of their land. See what you think of what's on offer during this first week...

Wood Elf Army Book

Wood Elf Magic

First up of course we have the new Army Book (the limited edition version being the one above) and the Magic Cards for their own personal army lore. Artistically I love where they are going with the look of the Wood Elves and that cover is pretty bloody awesome I have to say. I think it beats most of the other ones up for title of best looking!



Talking of good looking models we have Araloth and Shadowdancer above which will be able to fill a few slots in the hero and lord department when you're putting together your army. I swear that I've seen the Shadowdancer model before as a regular Wardancer but I might be mistaken. Araloth is looking brilliant though and I can see him being snapped up as a role-playing Druid miniature as well as for use in Warhammer.



Treeman Ancient

Then of course we go big with these awesome looking Treemen that will no doubt be towering over most peoples battlefields. Above you can see Durthu (their special character), a normal Treeman and the Treeman Ancient that will be backing up your woodland creatures with a bit of spellpower if that staff is anything to go by.

Overall we have a very, very good looking Wood Elf release here and I can't really see anything bad about the miniatures as a whole.

What do you think; worth the wait?

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