What is Warhammer’s new Storm of Magic?

April 11, 2011 by beerogre

So today the mighty Games Workshop announce their new expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Battles... Storm of Magic... but what is it?

Here's what their press release says...

Announcing the impending arrival of Storm of Magic, the latest and largest Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles. Launched in July 2011, Storm of Magic describes what happens when great eldritch maelstroms roil across the lands. Magic becomes far more powerful and there is a whole range of Cataclysm spells to cast, unleashing untold devastation on the enemy. Arcane Fulcrums burst from the ground, not only acting as loci for the swirling energies that pervade a battle fought amidst the Storm of Magic, but changing the way a Warhammer tabletop looks and interacts with your armies. With such things so crucial to your Storm of Magic games a new range of Warhammer scenery and Wizards will soon be released in time for you to wage cataclysmic battles.

There are new plastic kits of big monsters also announced to coincide with the July release of this expansion.

So that's it guys. Is "Cataclysmic Battle" the new code word for Apocalypse-sized fantasy game. We're betting that it is.

However, the exciting part is all the potential new kits. There are a few teaser pics in the press release...

Is this really what it's going to take to revitalise WHFB?

Will it make you pick up or restart the game?

What would you like to see to make this exciting for YOU?

Let's speculate guys...

it's what we're good at!

BoW Andy

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