The Week Two Warhammer Dwarf Releases Sighted!

February 5, 2014 by brennon

The leaks for the second week of Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf releases have trickled out onto the internet. Bugman's Brewery understandably have picked up plenty of images along with Plastic Krak...

Dwarfs Rulebook

The first thing to note is that the Dwarfs rulebook is coming sooner rather than later. It features artwork that we saw during the preview video for issue one. That's a rather epic front cover and it does also come with a limited edition version. It features a plain cover with runes written across it. As much as I like Dwarfs I won't be dropping the money for that one.


Runelord Alternative

Grim Burloksson

Next up we have a selection of characters for you to be using on the battlefield. The first two images are a pair of alternative builds for the Runesmith/Runelord. I'm quite the fan of those, some great looking sages that also look like they could handle themselves on the battlefield.

The last of the shots is of Grim Burloksson who is the new Engineer special character who will be buffing your cannons and all sorts during the game. As a taster he can add re-rolls for cannons and increase the range of guns and crossbows by 2d6. Talking of tinkering, it seems as if Organ Guns can now have runes applied to them. The Engineers Guild must have approved them finally.

The character models are looking very good indeed, at least in my eyes, and Burloksson is quite the bad ass, especially when you check out that gun. I'm not entirely sold on the colour choices they have gone for in-house but I do tend to like my figures more grim.



Taking to the skies we have the Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber variants. I saw these and immediately felt a little bit of bile rise in my throat. On first impression these made me feel all kinds of wrong, but, I have no changed my mind.

After taking a closer look at the models I think the little Gyrocopter itself looks awesome. It's been armoured up and looks like a real weapon of war compared to the scouting-like vehicle of previous editions. The Gyrobomber is a tad over the top and certainly not my favourite but I can see it looking good with a different paint scheme.

Ironbreakers Sneak Peek

Keeping control of the mine shafts and underways we also got a sneaky look at the upcoming Ironbreakers which will no doubt be coming out next week. They have a very, very cool look to them and seem to be just the miniatures we've been looking for to update those metal figures.

Ironbreakers really are quite the epitome of Dwarf-dom and it's good to see that they are looking awesome - at least for now. There is also a fuzzy image of the alternative build for these Ironbreakers and you can see that on the links above.

The Underway Supplement

Last but not least we have an upcoming supplement for Warhammer which takes you down into The Underway. Skaven, Goblin and of course Dwarf players are going to be loving this change of scene and it should be neat finding out what kind of alternative rules they're using to simulate the scuffles below the surface.

What do you think?

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