New Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower In Stores May 21st! [Updated]

May 8, 2016 by brennon

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It looks like all of the rumours were true! We're going to be seeing a new version of Warhammer Quest set in Age of Sigmar in stores from May 21st this very year! You can see the teaser trailer from Games Workshop above...

Silver Tower

The game will see you taking on the role of mighty heroes and fighting your way through Tzeentch's ever-changing tower.

UPDATE: You can find some additional leaked images of Silver Tower HERE and HERE thanks to War Of Sigmar.

Here you can see a main image of what you get inside the game box as well as a closer look at the hero miniatures. I like all of them although its a shame that the Barbarian doesn't actually stand in a fighting stance.

Additionally you can see some of the enemies you'll be facing including some great looking bird daemons and even a Skaven!

Contents Of The Box...

Additionally we've got another link HERE which seems to divulge the full contents of the game starting with the heroes...

Silver Tower (Contents)

  • Knight Questor – The Paladin (Stormcast Eternal)
  • Darkoath Chieftan – The Barbarian (Free People)
  • Fyreslayer Doomseeker - The Dwarf (Dwarf)
  • Excelsior War priest & Gryph Hound – War Priest (Free People)
  • Mistweaver Saith – Female Wizard (Aelf)
  • Tenebrand Shard – The Assassin (Aelf)

...and the foes

  • Gaunt Summoner
  • Ogroid Traumaturge
  • 2x Skaven Deathrunners
  • 8x Familiars
  • 6x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
  • 8x Kairic Acolytes
  • 2x Pink Horrors
  • 4x Blue Horrors
  • 4x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
  • 8x Grot Scuttlings

The additional game components include...

  • A guide book
  • An adventure quest book
  • 13x Reversible board tiles with different landscapes
  • 6x Hero character cards
  • 36x Skill and treasure cards
  • 40x Exploration (event) cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.
  • A booklet with assembly instructions
  • Gaming accessories such as assorted gaming counters and dice sets

The game will be playable by between 2-4 players and will have a variable game length based on the locations/scenarios and players involved. Additionally the heroes and enemies will have rules present in White Dwarf after launch to get them into your regular games.

Original Story

Massive beasts will be standing against you and a big daemon from the looks of it.

Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower

Additionally it also looks like we get some neat heroes like the...

  • Fyreslayer
  • Stormcast Eternal
  • Human Barbarian
  • ...and a Human Warrior Priest

It's an interesting mix of characters with the Barbarian being the revamped version of the one you would have seen on the original cover.

Warhammer Quest

I can't wait for this and we hope to hear some more news about this soon. Warhammer Fest next week is going to be very exciting!

What do you think?

"It's an interesting mix of characters with the Barbarian being the revamped version of the one you would have seen on the original cover..."

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