Warhansa Get Ready To Raid With Their Rus Warriors

December 20, 2017 by brennon

Warhansa has added some resculpts and updates to their webstore with models useful for SAGA. Here we have a selection of their figures which would be great for your Rus warbands.

Rus Warriors

The first set to take a look at above is for the Rus Warriors who would form the basis of your Hearthguard in the game. They are clad in heavier armour and look like they've seen a fair few battles in their time. If you're looking at creating a guard for Harald Hardrada they wouldn't look out of place.

Following on from them we also have the Rus Militia. You can actually get a couple of different sets for these warriors, giving you options when building units of warriors. They could be used to form the backbone of your force on the tabletop.

Rus Militia #2

There are actually some painted examples of the models over on their store too and that's where the Rus Archers come in. They look to take paint very well indeed and you can tell that the resin detail shows up very nicely.

Rus Archers

Last but not least we have this band of Berserkers who will be leading the charge into the enemy ranks. I always like seeing Berserkers for Vikings in SAGA as they can be some of the most fun models to paint.

Rus Berserkers

I like that some of these warriors have decided not to entirely leave sense behind and have carried shields into battle as well so that they aren't going to get unceremoniously picked off by arrows.

Have you checked out the range from Warhansa?

"If you're looking at creating a guard for Harald Hardrada they wouldn't look out of place..."

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