Suit Up In Mighty Terra Promessa Mechs From Warhansa

September 23, 2016 by brennon

Since big battling mechs seem to be a big hit here on Beasts Of War you might want to check out Warhansa's Terra Promessa collection and some of their new additions just waiting for a new pilot.


Sledge is leading the way into battle with his big arm cannons ready to blast you apart. Add to that you have the missile launcher on his shoulder too and you should be reducing Mechs to scrap in no time. I really like the feet on this mech too - don't ask me why!

All of the models you'll see here are for 1/285 scale gaming and stand at between five and seven centimetres tall. So, perfect for use in the likes of BattleTech! Next, we have Beast Master.

Beast Master

You can imagine why he earned the name Beast Master with a chunky frame like that. The miniatures are all very nicely detailed and I think they'd paint up nicely with just simple base colours and washes to bring out the armour panels/plating.

Last but not least we have Shrimp.


I know a lot of people love this bird-like design of walker, and it's probably very effective on the battlefield, but I've never been a fan. I prefer the hulking walking fortress look of the Mechs above like Beast Master.

Still, if you're into your more lithe Mechs this might suit your playstyle.

Upcoming Mechs

Warhansa weren't content with their admittedly already large collection of Mechs and they have more in the pipeline. I'm (semi)reliably informed that we have a Cougar for you here...

Mech Render #1

...followed by Super Nova too.

Mech Render #2

If you're a massive Mech fan and you really do want to get stuck into BattleTech and, of course, Gruntz, this might be an avenue to look at for your squad of walkers.

What do you think?

"I think they'd paint up nicely with just simple base colours and washes to bring out the armour panels/plating..."

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