The Undead Take Over Warheads: Medieval Tales

December 14, 2012 by brennon

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If our current looks at the new issue of Warheads: Medieval Tales have inspired you to maybe try out the game then how about this preview of the Undead Champion for Issue 5?

Undead Champion

This Undead Champion must have been summoned by the terrifying Mortimer that we saw last time we did a preview of this issue. He looks very angry that's for sure. You can even see him taking on the good guys in the pages below...

Issue 5 Preview #1

Issue 5 Preview #2

He looks to have some deadly attack which spews evil energy and gas from his mouth. Let's hope the good guys have something to respond with! Sister Gwen might have this one covered by you'll have to get your hands on the whole issue to find out I bet.

How do you think this Issue is shaping up, and have you played Warheads before?

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