Hit The Black Seas With Warlord Games’ HMS Surprise And More!

June 24, 2022 by brennon

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Warlord Games has given another big boost to their Black Seas range. If you're eager to dive into some 1/700 scale ship-based battles set during the 1700s and 1800s then maybe take a peek at some of these new ships for the British and beyond.

HMS Surprise - Black Seas

HMS Surprise // Black Seas

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Leading the way, we have the HMS Surprise. This 5th Rate Ship originally sailed for the French Navy before it was captured by the Royal Navy. A lot of folks will be familiar with the ship because it was the main ship used in Master & Commander!

Moving on from that, we get another impressive named ship in the form of the HMS Agamemnon.

HMS Agamemnon - Black Seas

HMS Agamemnon // Black Seas

This was Lord Nelson's favourite ship and she saw plenty of service during the American War Of Independence, French Revolutionary War and also the Napoleonic Wars. She was also part of the Battle Of Trafalgar where she forced the Santisima Trinidad to surrender.

Getting a little smaller now, and we have the HMS Speedy.

HMS Speedy - Black Seas

HMS Speedy // Black Seas

This little brig was captured by the French and then retaken by the British a year later. She was then captured by the French again six years on and found itself donated to the Papal States! It was also made famous by Thomas Cochrane who used it to capture vessels much larger than the tiny HMS Speedy.

Mighty New Squadrons

As well as the singular, named ships, we also have two Squadrons. Leading the way we have the Indiamen.

Indiamen - Black Seas

Indiamen // Black Seas

This name applied to a category of ships that would sail under the flag of the various trading companies. England, France, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands all used them to carry passengers and cargo. They were often called to defend themselves from raiders and so were well-armed for such an eventuality. I think these are some of the best ships from this release. You could do a lot with the Indiamen in scenarios.

You can also pick up a new 4th Rates Squadron.

4th Rates Squadron - Black Seas

4th Rates Squadron // Black Seas

With a crew of 140 men and between forty-six and sixty guns each, they were considered to be too weak to stand up in a straight-up fight. But, they did see plenty of service amongst the French fleets and in far-flung places like the East Indies and beyond.

All of the ships that you see here come with metal and resin components plus stickers and all sorts for making the rigging and sails. If you've been wanting to build up a fun collection of new ships for the British and other trading companies then this month seems a neat time to get pre-ordering!

Are you liking these?

"You could do a lot with the Indiamen in scenarios..."

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