Hold Fast! Supplement Arrives For Warlord’s Black Seas

March 30, 2022 by brennon

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Warlord Games has now released a new supplement for Black Seas which offers up more options for your Historical high seas adventures. Hold Fast! is available to pre-order right now from their webstore.

Black Seas Hold Fast - Warlord Games

Black Seas: Hold Fast! // Warlord Games

Black Seas focuses on battles between 1770 and 1830. Hold Fast! expands this with new ways to play across a variety of different scenarios and through the use of new mechanics. You're able to use additional advanced rules and statistics for ships to get more granular as well as three solo scenarios. There are even ways to include nightmarish terrors from the deep!

Black Seas Hold Fast Preview - Warlord Games

Black Seas: Hold Fast! Preview // Warlord Games

You will also find options for playing as an independent smuggler on the high seas or maybe you fancy diving into a navy career? Start as a lieutenant and work your way up to a full admiral!

There are also sixteen new scenarios that cover chases, shallow river battles, passenger escorts and even a dreaded mutiny!

Black Seas focuses on the golden age of sail, which encompasses the period between 1770 and 1830. During this period the navies of Europe and beyond fight for dominance of the high seas. Hold Fast! is a supplement for the Black Seas age of sail game. Inside, find new ways to play, such as charting your course as an independent smuggler or following a navy career from lieutenant to admiral.

This also comes culminates...

"... in the explosive Battle of the Nile which saw the spectacular demise of the French Flagship, L’Orient. Launch new famous ships, such as HMS Agamemnon, Santa Ana, or USS Niagara. Commission new captains of renown for the British, French, Spanish and US navies, such as Louis-Antoine-Cyprien Infernet or John Paul Jones. Or set sail with entirely new fleets from the Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, or Ottoman Empire navies. Alternatively, become the scourge of the Mediterranean at the head of a Barbary Coast pirate fleet."

So, a pretty awesome new book for people who have been diving deeper and deeper into Black Seas as their naval game of choice.

New Black Seas Miniature Sets

As well as the new book, you can also pick up a set of miniatures for your growing fleet. The first is a 2nd Rate Ship!

Black Seas 2nd Rate - Warlord Games

Black Seas - 2nd Rate // Warlord Games

The 2nd Rate ships were something of a hybrid within the fleets of the Royal Navy. They could carry between ninety and ninety-eight guns and found themselves primarily used by the British. They handled poorly but they could take a lot of punishment. They could also often be mistaken for a 1st Rate meaning that enemy ships might reconsider even engaging in the first place!

You can also set forth with a Galleon Squadron.

Black Seas Galleon Squadron - Warlord Games

Black Seas - Galleon Squadron // Warlord Games

Galleons are some of the most well-known ships of the period. They were a mainstay of many fleets and carried a fair amount of guns. They did fall out of fashion in the later period that Black Seas is concerned with but Hold Fast!  comes with updated guidance on playing games during this earlier stage where Galleons ruled the waves.

Last but not least, we have the Small 3rd Rates Squadron.

Black Seas Small 3rd Rate Squadron - Warlord Games

Black Seas - Small 3rd Rate Squadron // Warlord Games

These ships, again defined using a British system, would normally sport between sixty-four and eighty guns. These ships were effective in their sailing abilities, firepower output and the cost to build. Sometimes having the most guns isn't the solution to a fight.

A number of the nations fighting for control of the seas would make use of the 3rd Rate ships in their fleets. Cheap to build and maintain, it would make sense to use these as your primary method of patrolling and conquering.

All of these ships come as metal and resin kits in 1/700th Scale. You also get sticker sheets for adding colour, flags and sails to your ships and the various game aids that you'll need for play. You also get a spool of rigging if you're eager to take up the task.

Are you going to be picking up these new ships or Hold Fast!?

"Hold Fast! expands this with new ways to play across a variety of different scenarios and through the use of new mechanics..."

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