SPQR Digital Rulebook Now Available From Warlord Games

July 22, 2019 by brennon

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If you're looking to get into SPQR but didn't want to shell out for the larger Starter Set or you just enjoy living in the digital realm then Warlord Games has now released their Digital Rulebook PDF version of the rules.

SPQR Digital Rulebook - Warlord Games

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The digital rulebook contains everything that you need to get started in the game in terms of building your warbands and then taking them off on campaigns across the Ancient world. The armies you can play as are...

  • Imperial Rome
  • Dacia & Sarmatia
  • Iberia
  • Gaul
  • Caesar’s Legions
  • Macedonia
  • Persia
  • Thebes
  • Sparta
  • Athens

...and there will be many more popping up in the future too no doubt. Whilst I still prefer a physical rulebook at the tabletop, just because it's easier to flick through and find things (in my opinion anyway) I can see a digital version being good for people who have to lug lots of things around and want to keep certain pages as the focus for rules or campaign ease.

Heroes To Lead Your Force

In addition to the digital rulebook, the team at Warlord Games has also been putting together new sets of Romans and Gauls for those diving into SPQR for the first time. I was very much drawn to the heroes that they have on offer...

Gaul Heroes - Warlord Games

All of the heroes for Gaul look like they belong at the head of a warband of grizzled warriors. I love the look of the Vercingetorix model and that Druid fellow at the top. Maybe your warband could be charting the rise of fame for this famous Gallic leader?

On the Roman side of things, it's good to finally see some leaders who look like they could hold their own in a fight!

Roman Heroes - Warlord Games

Vorenus and Pullo are two characters that I would definitely choose to lead my warband into battle. You could use Vorenus as the tired but determined leader whilst Pullo could be his grizzled second who sometimes takes on the commander role.

What do you think of the new options for SPQR?

"Vorenus and Pullo are two characters that I would definitely choose to lead my warband into battle..."

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