The Incas Gather Reinforcements For Warlord’s Mythic Americas

December 22, 2021 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been showing off some of the upcoming releases for those playing as the Incas in Mythic Americas. There are some great core troops for those embracing the Historical side of things and some Fantasy creatures for when you want to get weird!

Cuzco Warriors With Spears - Mythic Americas

Cuzco Warriors With Spears // Mythic Americas

Starting things off for the Incas, we have the Cuzco Warriors With Spears. They should form the bedrock of any warband that you build for Mythic Americas. Armed with shield and spears, they are able to work well defensively as well as on the attack. The sculpts (whilst repeated) look great here with lots of detail worked into their faces, arms and armour.

With the addition of good defences to your force, you could also throw in some archers. How about the Antisuyu Archers?

Antisuyu Archers - Mythic Americas

Antisuyu Archers // Mythic Americas

These troops are incredibly good at taking out enemies at range. They are also armed with daggers and shields though should they be required to get up close and personal with the enemy. Throw in some spells from the Incan leaders (if you're getting fantastical) and they are even more formidable.

Spirit Jaguars & Condor Riders!

If you want to add some Fantasy elements into your collection then you have some seriously cool miniatures coming soon. I really love this Sapa Warlord On Spirit Jaguar and the entourage of ethereal cats he has at his side.

Sapa Warlord On Spirit Jaguar - Mythic Americas

Sapa Warlord On Spirit Jaguar // Mythic Americas

Not only does this set come with your Warlord, ready to lead your troops into battle, but four extra Spirit Jaguars that are clad in protective armour. I think these are absolutely awesome even though they would be quite the challenge to paint!

You can also bring in forces from the sky and rain down arrows on your foes. Throw the Condor Riders into the mix for some seriously deadly air support during your games.

Condor Riders - Mythic Americas

Condor Riders // Mythic Americas

It is always a plus to be able to swoop around the battlefield to where you are most needed. You could harass the flanks of your enemies army, pick off key units on objectives and more. Again, the miniatures also look awesome in this set!

Have you taken the plunge into Mythic Americas?

"Have you taken the plunge into Mythic Americas?"

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